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64-Slice CT Scanner

64-Slice CT Scanner

Enhanced Image Quality

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UnityPoint Health - Pekin's LightSpeed® 64-Slice VCT imaging system provides clearer, more highly detailed images of the human body, allowing physicians to make diagnoses that are more accurate.

What is a CT scan?

"CT" stands for computed tomography, an X-ray technique that allows doctors to study cross-sectional views of the head and body through an X-ray scanning device linked to a computer. You may also know it as a "cat scan."

Pekin Hospital 64 Slice CT Scanner

Faster Imaging Speed

The LightSpeed VCT (volume CT) provides high-resolution images in a fraction of the time previously required, ensuring an easier, faster imaging experience for patients. The quicker scan time also enables a faster diagnosis. Offering unprecedented speed, LightSpeed technology is capable of capturing entire organs in a one-second scan, the entire heart and coronary structures in five seconds, and a whole body vascular scan in 10.

What does a CT scan show?

Physicians can rely on the non-invasive LightSpeed VCT to help with diagnosis in a variety of anatomical areas, such as the spine, head, abdomen, and chest, including detailed imaging of the heart.

Ask your physician how you can benefit from UnityPoint Health - Pekin's LightSpeed VCT Imaging System. Medicare, Medicaid, and all insurances accepted. Call (309) 353-0410 for more information.