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Breast Biopsy

Breast Biopsy

Improved Quality, Accuracy and Comfort in Breast Biopsies

Pekin Hospital Breast Biopsy

The Women's Diagnostic Center now has the very latest breakthrough equipment for minimally invasive breast biopsies, thanks to the UnityPoint Health - Pekin League.* The new MultiCare Platinum Stereotactic Biopsy System from Hologic® is the most recent X-ray guided biopsy technology in the area.

The Women's Diagnostic Center offers everything a woman needs for the best possible breast care right here. In fact, biopsies - which should take no more than an hour - are typically scheduled the very next day. Between 24-48 hours later, a radiologist will contact you with the results.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Very small incision
  • No general anesthetic
  • Minimal tissue trauma
  • Quick analysis
  • Efficient tissue retrieval
  • Biopsy site shielded from patient's view
  • Completed procedure in one hour or less
  • Outpatient service
  • Shorter recovery time

How Do Stereotactic Biopsies Work?

In many cases, it is not possible to tell whether a growth is benign or cancerous from imaging studies alone. Therefore, a tissue sample is normally required to make a determination. The new stereotactic biopsy system offers an alternative to open surgical biopsy and is much less invasive than the surgical approach.

A state-of-the-art system, the MultiCare Platinum uses advanced computer-assisted technology (digital stereotactic - or X-ray guided - localization) to map the precise site of a breast abnormality before a tissue sample is taken for biopsy. Samples are obtained through a very small incision in the skin, minimizing procedure time, tissue trauma and wound healing time. The unique design also allows you to be in a prone position while the biopsy is being performed for maximum comfort.

When Is Stereotactic Biopsy Recommended?

  • A suspicious solid mass that cannot be felt during a breast examination
  • A suspicious cluster of small calcium deposits
Or when:
  • The structure of the breast tissue is distorted
  • A new mass or area of calcium deposits is present at a previous surgery site
  • The patient or physician strongly prefers a non-surgical assessment

What Happens During The Procedure?

The new system features a specially designed table so that you can lie on your stomach with your breast projecting through an opening in the table. The table is then elevated so that the mammographer and radiologist can retrieve the tissue sample. The machine uses intersecting coordinates to pinpoint the exact area of tissue change. A paddle-shaped instrument then compresses the breast during the biopsy.

Specially trained technologists and physicians perform the procedure to obtain computerized or digital imaging, which reduces X-ray exposure and permits viewing on a computer monitor seconds afterwards. The system calculates the exact placement of the hollow needle and uses a vacuum-assisted device. This biopsy device is inserted only once, which means the needle does not have to be withdrawn after each sampling (six to 12 samples are usually required).

Once the biopsy is complete, the opening is covered with a dressing (no stitches). Normal activity usually can be resumed after 24 hours, and most women report little to no pain, with no scarring. This procedure is also one-third the cost of a surgical biopsy.

Note: Although an abnormal mammogram does not necessarily indicate cancer, have a companion for support and a ride home when you have your biopsy.

For more information, please talk to your physician or contact the Women's Diagnostic Center at (309) 353-0931.

* The League has committed to funding for the purchase of the stereotactic breast biopsy system and continues to be very active in promoting services for women at UnityPoint Health - Pekin and the Women's Diagnostic Center.